Student bloggers: Birendra’s winter break and a busy spring semester

Birendra on Boston CommonAn update today from Birendra, who has a refreshingly positive attitude about winter in Boston as well as a busy spring semester in the offing!

The first semester at Fletcher ended, and in style – with all libraries fully occupied, the teachers all available on walk-in basis (without any prior scheduled appointments) and some professors accessible to you even  at 2 am in the morning.

And then there was the first snow of the season bringing cheer and jubilation across Boston, the after-challenges of chill bites and snow-covered pavements notwithstanding.

Birendra on the Common Frog PondVisit Boston Common if you like to be mesmerized by nature’s beauty, a frozen lake with ice skaters. Of course an ice skating rink is not unusual. However, when you see flora and fauna at the other side of the slab of the ice separating the two of you, you can’t help yourself but be mesmerized (brrrrr it was cold).

My current class at Harvard Law School – the most coveted “Negotiations Workshop” practicum, led by the top-most negotiator in the world Professor Robert Mnookin himself, might seem confusing. After all, did I not tell you that I am a Fletcher student and this a Fletcher blog? Indeed, and that’s why I am doing classes at Harvard Law School as part of my LLM degree program.

Birendra at Harvard LawThe graduate programs at Fletcher and Harvard facilitate cross-registration between the two schools, enabling the students to take benefits of specialization of either school.

Two major upcoming conferences, for now, keep me on my toes – The Religion, Law and Diplomacy conference in February 2023 and the Tufts Energy Conference in March 2023. They are keenly awaited by thinkers world over in envisaging the thought-process of the ever evolving interpretive community; the community which Fletcher makes you, too, a part of!



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