Open Houses get underway

7th floor viewsThis time of year is chock full of events for admitted students, and today will see the first of three Open House days for admitted students. Open Houses are a mix of special programming for visiting candidates and an opportunity to experience a typical day at Fletcher. Admitted students can drop in and out of scheduled programming, and take advantage of their time here to sit in on classes, attend lectures and student events, familiarize themselves with the Fletcher building and broader Tufts campus, and scope out the neighborhood.

It’s an exciting opportunity for us to meet in-person applicants with whom we’ve primarily interacted virtually up until now, and hopefully a good chance for those applicants to have conversations with a broader slice of the Fletcher community than just us Admissions types, knowledgeable as we are about all things Fletcher. It’s always a roll of the dice, weather-wise, in early spring in these parts, but it’s currently looking to be an at least half-decent day. Perhaps nice enough to open up the 7th floor roof deck to better enjoy the terrific views of downtown Boston? Fingers crossed!

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