Application tips: The Application Form

As we continue our series of “Application Tips,” I wanted to shed some insight onto the application form itself. This is the first part of the application you come to and may seem the most straightforward; just some data entry before you get to the more substantive essays, resume, and letters of recommendation. But don’t discount this section – we read these forms carefully and gain valuable insight into your candidacy through your answers.

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Application tips: Recommendations

This is the time of year in which we receive a lot of requests for advice on preparing your application. I’ve written on this theme in the past, and I figured it’s helpful to hear a variety of perspectives from time to time. As such, I’ve asked the rest of the Admissions team to chime in with their advice on various pieces of the application. We’ll start today with Yaritza’s thoughts on letters of recommendation

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Application tips – the digest version

Around this time of year there’s usually a lot of interest in tips for preparing your strongest possible application to Fletcher. With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up later this week (in the US, at least), many applicants are looking at a few slightly less hectic days during which they may plan to make some progress on their application. It’s also far enough out from the next major deadline (January 10 for most degree programs) that a lot of applicants are in the earlier stages of gathering their materials.

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