A few details on scholarships

Scholarship funding is on many applicants’ minds around this time of year, for good reason. I’ve written recently about the importance of working on a broad-based financial plan, and most applicants hope that scholarship funding will make up as large a part of that plan as possible. Each year the release of admissions decisions triggers a deluge of requests for scholarship reconsideration and increased funding, and I figured a bit of detail on how our process works (and more specifically, why it works the way it does) could be helpful.

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Making your financial plan

With the bulk of this year’s admissions decisions recently released, it’s time to be thinking about a financial strategy for grad school. Our hope, in fact, is that applicants planning on fall 2019 enrollment have already been working on this for some time, at least conceptually. Pointing out that U.S. higher education is a significant investment is as obvious as noting that Samuel L. Jackson wasn’t pulling for Green Book to win Best Picture. As such, it’s crucial to think expansively about potential sources of funding.

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Financial planning tips from Madhuri

Madhuri is enjoying a well-deserved break after finishing her first semester at Fletcher. The prospective student experience is still relatively fresh for her, though, and she put together a number of helpful tips for financial planning (and you can expect additional future posts related to scholarship and financial aid on this blog). As you prepare to submit your application and await decisions, getting going on financial planning is an important process on which to focus.

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