Fletcher takes over the cannon

Even while conducting the fall 2020 semester remotely, Fletcher makes itself felt on the Tufts campus. It was such a delight to get the recent update that the Tufts cannon has been Fletcherized. The cannon functions as a low-tech message board of sorts for the entire Tufts community, and is repurposed so frequently that it has been covered in an actual ton of paint in the fairly recent past.

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Barnum Hall, officially facelifted

Barnum Hall is one of the older and more storied buildings on the Tufts campus. Donated to Tufts in the late 19th century by that Barnum, it’s been known as the Barnum Museum of Natural History, and more recently as a center for biology and associated lab space on campus. It also used to house the Greatest Showman’s famous elephant, Jumbo, hence the Tufts mascot.

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The new old cannon

Tufts familiars may know about the tradition of painting the cannon. For the uninitiated, Tufts has an old-timey cannon (a replica of one from the USS Constitution) on campus, which is constantly getting repainted by various campus players ranging from official student groups to wildcatting pranksters. The cannon has announced campus events, wished people happy birthdays, commemorated important dates and anniversaries, and helped spread activist and protest messages.

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