Prepare for your application

Today we’ll kick off the tips for how to prepare for your application. In past summers, we’ve focused on the nuts and bolts of the application itself, but this time I hope we’ll be helping you with the build-up to applying more generally. Let’s just jump into it, and I think it will become clear. My question to my Admissions pals was simply, “What do you wish everyone would do to prepare to apply to Fletcher?” The responses follow, starting with Laurie’s foundational advice.

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We help you get in shape!

Though the Admissions staff has little to add to your exercise routine, we do know our way around the admissions process. I’ve consulted my Admissions pals and asked them to share their suggestions for two phases of the application cycle — the current moment (pre-application) and that point, many months in the future, when you learn you have been admitted to Fletcher.

Why did I create this particular structure for their suggestions?

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Tweak to the essay questions

Earlier in the summer, I confidently stated that we wouldn’t be changing the application essay questions this year. And then the staff got to talking…and the result is that we have added two options to the existing topic for what we call “Essay 2.” If you’ve already drafted your essay, fear not. Option three is the same as last year’s essay topic.

For everyone who hasn’t yet written the essay, here’s what you’re going to find on this year’s application.

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