From the home office: checking in with Yaritza

Returning to our staff updates, today we’ll hear from Yaritza, gradually establishing a new routine for the workday:

Yaritza's home officeWe are now in week three of working from home and it’s been quite an adjustment finding a solid, consistent work space to share with my critters and loved ones; especially one that allows me some kind of privacy for all the phone calls and Zoom meetings! Trying to maintain some sort of normalcy proved challenging in the first week with no access to a gym, no built in walk with a daily commute, or a proper eating schedule.

So, I decided to buy a desk and set up a new home office! I’ve made a habit of going for a walk or run daily, and I have found that cooking every meal has revived a love of creating in the kitchen that was slowly diminishing with early morning oatmeal and frozen Trader Joe’s dinners.

Yaritza's cat at her laptopThis has also been a magical time to nurture important relationships in my life. I use my breaks from work throughout the day to call or FaceTime with family and friends. It’s been fun meeting their pets and partners, and thinking up creative ways to make the most of quarantine together. I’ve also been inspired by the students and applicants I chat with and love hearing about what they are doing with their free time at home. It’s a powerful feeling to know that when I pick up the phone, I immediately share a common experience with the person on the other end of the line and that we are all trying our best to continuing working, learning, and maintaining our well-being.

Stay well everyone. 🙂

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