Some admissions updates, both about and from Jessica

As Admissions Blogger Emerita, Jessica has the right to pop in here whenever the muse grabs her. It’s more like whenever she has a spare moment, truth be told, as she’s been extremely busy as an administrative utility player of sorts for most of the past year at Fletcher. We’re always happy to welcome her back to her digital home-away-from-home!

Hello friends!

I’m back – your very occasional guest blogger and the blog’s erstwhile writer/editor.  Or, as Dan once called me, The Blogmother.

The reason for my post today is to tell you something that Dan, with his endearing “aw shucks” demeanor, would not – that he is the newly appointed Director of Admissions and Financial Aid!  Hooray!  And doesn’t Murray look proud!  (I’m sure that Dan will retain Murray’s services as the Minister of Deadline and Other Action Item Reminders.)  I hope you’ll join me and the Admissions team in wishing Dan well.

If you’re one of the incoming students or prospective applicants who has already been in contact with Dan, rest assured that he’ll remain your contact on the Admissions team.  Some responsibilities will shift from him to another team member, but not in the middle of your planning for the fall semester or in any way that will disrupt your contact with the office.

Dan’s news may lead you to wonder what happened to Laurie.  Not to worry — she’s still connected to Admissions, but as the (also newly appointed) Associate Dean of Admissions and Student Affairs!  Her portfolio has been extended to include oversight of the offices of the Registrar, Career Services, and Student Affairs.  Congratulations to Laurie!  That information above about not disrupting your communication with Admissions is also true for Laurie.

There are more changes coming for Admissions, including a new staffer who is due to start later this month (details forthcoming).  That newbie will someday move into the office that I had been using before work-from-home time, and my own Admissions stint is coming to an end.  I’ll still look for excuses to write a blog post, but I won’t have as much routine correspondence with applicants and students as I have since January this year.  That said, if you’ve been writing to me all spring and summer, you should continue to do so!  My Admissions work won’t come to a complete end until incoming students are in their classes.

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