Annotated Fletcher tour, continued

Regular blog readers may recall a few posts back in early June beginning a virtual tour of Fletcher. Ah, early June, not even three full months into our pandemic-adjusted lifestyles! At the time, I wanted to be sure that incoming and prospective students who might normally try to visit campus in the summer for a look around had something of an alternative option until the broader implications of the COVID-19 crisis became clear. As things progressed and the time horizon of our remote situation got longer, though, focusing on our physical space that no one could access for the foreseeable future started to feel a bit tone-deaf. So to the back-burner this series went.

As the remote semester begins and prospective candidates for 2021 start researching schools, though, there’s a significant constituency that has yet to actually experience Fletcher without onscreen mediation. So, with full awareness of the irony inherent in writing about physical spaces that remain inaccessible for the time being, it’s time to continue our annotated virtual tour of Fletcher. Find the first couple of posts here, and stay with us as we continue our wander through the Fletcher complex!

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