The Perks of Being a Januarian

Fletcher JanuariansThis space has regularly looked in on our “Januarian” classes over the years. Fletcher has long enrolled a small cohort of new students each spring semester, and it’s a great option for candidates who are ready to get going before September rolls around. Prospective Januarians often have questions about how the application, admissions process, and student experience differ for spring versus fall enrollment (in brief: the admissions process is the same, and Januarians have two summer breaks to pursue internships and research). These candidates can and should contact us directly for more information, and also check out the blog archives for lots more information on the Januarian experience.

Sometimes, though, it’s helpful to hear directly from these students themselves. Several current Januarians recently shared their insights about their time at Fletcher thus far and their experience matriculating in January. Check out these students’ stories and, for those currently working on their applications, remember the upcoming deadline of October 10!

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