Victoria’s final update

Today we’ll check in with Victoria for the last time – the last time during her student days, that is. We send her off into her post-Fletcher life with our best wishes, as well as our hopes that we may hear from her again as an alumna!

Dear Fletcher and Friends,

This is my last post as a student for the Admissions Blog and it’s been an honor to share a little of my journey. At the time of writing this post, we are approaching July 4th weekend, and it’s so weird to think of how different yet similar the world is today from the same time last year.

Victoria graduation drawingI think many of us can agree that graduating virtually during a pandemic is somewhat anti-climactic. We celebrated with friends and family, took our photos, and yet not crossing the stage does seem like we’re missing a symbolic indicator of the finish line we crossed before embarking on new journeys. Still, I am grateful for all of my family showing up online. My brother, without knowing about Fletcher orange, drew me a picture of graduation with bright orange marker. The look of shock on the girl in the graduation robe made me laugh because in some ways, I was shocked that we made it to the end.

Since graduating, I’ve had the chance to spend more time with classmates and other friends in the city, venturing into Boston together cautiously, such as trips to Seaport, the North End, and Fenway. I’ve been hoping to go see friends in other cities as many are taking next steps in LA, SF, NYC, DC, and abroad, but want to do those once I’ve solidified my next steps. The list of places I want to visit keeps growing, but not quite on the road yet. We’ll get there eventually!

Victoria and friends on the waterAs my internship with the Tata Group continues, I’ve been amazed to realize how bits and pieces from multiple classes are relevant, allowing me to reference what I’ve learned in multiple classes as well as some of the work I did while as a panel lead for the Murrow Conference on Media, Tech, & Democracy. I look forward to utilizing these skills in other settings down the road.

But as I celebrate graduation and a summer of slow recovery around the world, I still feel reflective, thinking of the few students who have reached out before the university released its Fall plans, wondering if they should defer. Or if they chose to come, would their visas come through. The ones I spoke to did choose to defer, wishing them the best until they are ready. But I am excited for the students who will be entering or returning to campus Fall 2021, knowing that they will be able to casually greet each other in the Hall of Flags, participate in clubs, and host communal in-person events like Fletcher Feasts, Culture Shows, Dip Ball, and more. A lot of traditions have been put on hold and I look forward to seeing future Fletcherites bring them back again.

So I bid adieu, handing over the keyboard to the incoming students who will bring more experiences and stories. Good luck!

In Peace, Love & Solidarity,


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