First day of classes!

The second consecutive day of solid rain in these parts can’t dampen the excitement of the first day of classes! New students may have had something of an anxious weekend managing the anticipation and making final decisions on their course selection, and there are a few to be seen in the Hall of Flags with curious looks on their faces as they internalize room names and numbers and get comfortable with getting around Fletcher. They have the good fortune to be joined by all our returning students, who are great sources of advice and also happy to point lost new students in the right direction.

I’ll look forward to Wednesday morning when the first Role of Force class convenes for the semester. One of Fletcher’s most popular courses, it famously starts at 7:45 AM. For me, the true hallmark of the start of the academic year is the trickle of bleary-eyed students heading to the ASEAN auditorium on Mondays and Wednesdays. While the start time isn’t universally popular, most students who take the course describe it as one of their most formative at Fletcher.

While last week’s Orientation saw Fletcher springing back to life after the quiet summer months, it’s the start of classes that truly makes it feel like we’re settling in to the new academic year. Best of luck, students!

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