On the road

As I know I’ve mentioned before, this “season” is an exciting one as it’s allowed us to start getting back to in-person events that have been off the table the past few years. To wit: I’m in New York City for the early portion of this week, representing Fletcher at Idealist and APSIA events, and conducting some interviews and individual admissions appointments on the ground in NYC. It’s my first real recruitment travel since 2019! (For those in the area: join the Idealist Fair on 10/24 at 5 PM, and/or the APSIA reception on 10/25 at 5 PM).

Fletcher table at a fairThe density of virtual events we’ve relied upon over the past few years have brought a lot of benefits, and we currently have and will continue to offer a wide variety of these opportunities moving forward. Still, it’s refreshing to have the chance to connect with people in-person where they are. We also have a suite of new recruitment and promotional gear (tablecloths, business cards, pens, etc.) that I’m eager to take out for a spin. So it’s excitement all around in these parts, readers. I hope to see some of you in NYC!

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