Introducing Januarians: Taymour Al Madani

Over the next few weeks, we will be featuring several of  our “Januarian” students — a Fletcher term for students who begin in the spring term. You can learn more about the ins and outs of this enrollment option in a variety of past posts, but for the moment the important information to understand is that the admissions and scholarship aid process for January enrollment are identical. It’s a great option for those applicants looking to start their studies as soon as possible, and now is the time to start working away at the application, which is due October 10!

First up, an introduction written by current Master of International Business (MIB) student Taymor Al Madani:

Being a Januarian: A warm winters welcome

Unless you come from or have lived in the handful of places that endure winters on a par with that of Massachusetts, you might be in for a shock when you land into Logan International or get off a train at Back Bay Station on a cold winter’s day. I can assure you however, the weather outside will be the only cold you’ll have to endure. At the expense of sounding generic, I was really taken back by the warmth and kindness of everyone at Fletcher – both students and staff. Everyone was exceptionally helpful and friendly, quelling any unfounded worries I had about starting a graduate degree halfway through an academic year.

This kind and helpful nature was especially obvious when I found many administrators and fellow candidates reaching out to me, offering a helping hand and filling in any gaps when I managed to miss the majority of my orientation after catching covid. From being invited to have breakfast with Student Affairs Reps, where I got to know some friendly faces, to having second-year students provide insider tips on navigating the campus and courses, the Fletcher family ensured I wasn’t playing catch-up for long. I was made to feel like a member of the community from day one!

From a social point of view, beginning a term in January can feel a bit like being a newly introduced character in the second season of a sitcom. The majority of characters, or students in this case, already know each other, have made friends, and have an established idea of what they’re doing. But here’s the twist: this isn’t a closed storyline. It’s more like joining a series that’s all about collaboration and growth. Sure, you might be entering a bit later, but that just means you bring your unique plotline into the mix. Think of it as having a surprise guest appearance that shakes things up and adds a fresh perspective. You’re not just a spectator; you’re part of the action. You’ll quickly find that those established characters are more than ready to welcome you into the fold, share their stories, and learn about yours. In no time, you’ll find yourself laughing at in-jokes and sharing late-night study sessions, all while weaving your own narrative into the Fletcher tapestry.

So, fellow future Januarians, as you gear up for your Fletcher adventure, remember that the warmth of the community can thaw any winter chill. Starting in January might be unconventional, but the friends you’ll make, the lessons you’ll learn, and the memories you’ll create are nothing short of extraordinary. January isn’t just a month—it’s the beginning of your journey at The Fletcher School, and it’s bound to be a chapter you’ll cherish.”




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