First-year Alumni: Andrew’s path to DoD

It’s alumni update time! I always love hearing from our recent alumni about what they’ve been up to since their student days. Longtime blog readers might remember Andrew, a 2021 MALD graduate, from his many appearances in this space during his time at Fletcher as he and his compatriots dominated a series of cyber-security simulation competitions. As is common for Fletcher students, these involvements played a crucial role in Andrew’s professional path.

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Fletcher team wins Cyber 9/12 competition!

Not too long ago I wrote about the proliferation of cybersecurity-related curriculum and activity at Fletcher, including a brief mention of the annual Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge hosted by The Atlantic Council. Fletcher teams have taken part in the competition for three or four years now. They’ve consistently returned invigorated by the experience, and on occasion a bit awed by the level of technical and policy expertise to which they were exposed at the event. It’s struck me as a great learning experience for the growing contingent of Fletcher students interested in cyber issues.

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