“Empowering the Third Sovereign” with Carlo

One of the fun things about administering the Fletcher Educational Enrichment Fund – a small grant program designed to provide support to students’ independent research and experiential learning pursuits – is getting a close-up look at all the interesting things our students are up to. The fund has supported all manner of excursions to professional and scholarly conferences, field-based data collection and other research, and competitions and simulations. Until recently, though, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a documentary film as the end result of a project proposal.

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Summer fieldwork and conferences with the Fletcher Educational Enrichment Fund

Regular blog readers may have previously heard of the Fletcher Educational Enrichment Fund (FEEF), a resource for students interested in conducting independent research for a capstone, undertaking summer fieldwork, participating in conferences, and generally pursuing experiential opportunities that otherwise might carry prohibitive costs. One great thing about the program is that it’s not restricted to the academic year. While many Fletcher students are in formal internships or work during summer break, there are also a fair number engaged in other pursuits (as an alternative or in addition to an internship) during this time. As summer begins to wind down, we’re starting to get some details on what FEEF grant recipients have been up to.

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