Kaitlyn’s Parisian summer with the Department of State

Have I mentioned how nice it is to have students back on campus? Among the many pleasures of a fully-populated Fletcher is the return of our Student Stories bloggers. In the coming months you’ll be introduced to our group of new first-year blog contributors; in the meantime, it’s nice to catch up with what our continuing student writers have been up to over the summer. First up is Kaitlyn, whose summer in Paris with the Department of State is enough to cause a pang of jealousy in even the most stoic reader.

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A busy summer, and fall, for Amanda and Caroline

While it may seem paradoxical at first glance, it’s quite common to find Fletcher students with deep interests in local and domestic public policy. Perhaps it’s all those “Think Globally, Act Locally” bumper stickers yielding dividends. I tend to think it’s more the result of the interdisciplinary mindset of our students, with which they can see the international dimensions of local policy, and vice versa (contextual intelligence, as Fletcher’s Institute for Business in the Global Context would characterize it).

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