Fall travels coming into focus

While it’s hard to pin down an objectively “busiest” season of the admissions year, the fall months often feel the “buzziest,” if I may invent a term. More than any other season, fall is defined by juggling the most simultaneous tasks, and sometimes makes me feel like my head is spinning. Fletcher students are back on campus, prospective students are visiting and interviewing, and applications are starting to roll in. On top of all that, recruitment travel, a primary driver of the “buzz,” is at its high point.

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Winter break updates from around the world

Our students cover a lot of ground during winter break. It’s a long enough period to accommodate internships, field work, and general globetrotting, but also not so long to make treating it as something of a vacation seem unreasonable. For many, it’s a nice respite from the hectic pace of the academic year, and a chance to catch up with family and friends. I asked a bunch of our students what they got up to over winter break, and got some typically eclectic responses.

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