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And just like that, the quiet of summer is a thing of the past and the Hall of Flags is filled with students, newly arrived for Orientation.  They’ve picked up their ID cards, been welcomed by Tufts University’s president and several Fletcher deans, and are currently relaxing over lunch.  We hope the break will fortify them in advance of the afternoon’s briefings on myriad essential topics.

Orientation isn’t all critical-fact gathering — most evenings include a social event.  But it’s a busy week that should leave the newest members of our community with a suitcase of essential background information, along with familiarity with the campus and a bunch of new friends.

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The new students are here!  They’ll be on the move for the whole week, meaning life in Admissions is not so completely different from last week.  But we’ll meet them over lunch or at special sessions (including a morning of community service that I’ll be participating in tomorrow) and it’s starting to feel like the fall semester is upon us.  Here’s the registration scene from this morning.


I liked this group in the corner, already looking like a study group at work.

Orientation day, 2

Today’s agenda is a mix of welcomes and briefings that will help everyone get settled in.  A barbeque tonight will cap it all off.  By next Tuesday, when returning students are back in the building, the first-years will feel like old pros.

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The contrast between pre-Orientation Fletcher and Orientation Fletcher is always amazing.  We go from the quietest of quiet weeks of summer to super busy, with all 250-ish new students in the Hall of Flags at once.  Starting today, with a full day’s Fletcher experience behind them, the new students will be coming and going through the building, creating a sense of a normal rhythm.  Of course, it won’t really be normal until the continuing students return next week.  That’s when the buzz temporarily turns to a roar.

And the Admissions Office is fully staffed now, for the first time since April.  Katherine, Liz, and Christine are adapting to Fletcher at a rapid survival pace, just ahead of the students who arrived yesterday when they did.  (Formal intros to follow.)

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It’s a beautiful day today!  Clear blue skies and cool dry air.  Quite the contrast from yesterday’s wet and windy weather, when Hurricane Irene blew through.  The campus seems to have escaped with not much more than downed tree branches.  With clean-up already underway, the storm will soon be just a memory.

The timing for the storm was definitely sub-optimal for Fletcher, but despite canceled flights and suspended train service, a remarkable number of new students managed to make their way into town.  Info packets in hand, they streamed into ASEAN Auditorium at 9:00, and are now midway through their first morning of Orientation.  I’ve heard that about 40 would-be-Orientees have contacted the Registrar’s Office to say they’ll arrive late because of storm delays.  I hope that most will be at Fletcher within the next day or so — Orientation is a time to gather nuts-and-bolts information about the School, but it’s also a great opportunity to meet classmates and start the academic year feeling like part of a community.

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One last thought before the weekend.  If you’re on the East Coast of the U.S., you already know we’re due to receive a visit from Hurricane Irene.  Though the exact path and impact of the storm are still unclear, travel on Sunday will almost surely be disrupted, and some students will arrive later than they originally planned.

Based on this morning’s weather forecast, the storm will have passed before Monday, and Orientation will go on.  Of course, the program will make all needed adjustments if a significant number of students weren’t able to reach Boston over the weekend.

Meanwhile, if there’s any question whether the University will be closed on Monday, you can check the Tufts web page for emergency closings, or call 617/627-4636 for information.  Most important, please be careful in planning your travel — we want you to arrive safely!

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