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Just a quick post as I finally settle down to catch up with email, etc., this morning.  The two-plus hours since I arrived today have flashed by.  At 8:30, the first of our 35 Visit Day attendees came by to sign in, and we’ve been setting them up for the day’s activities ever since.  Some will participate in an interview.  Others will head off to a class.  At 11:00, everyone will come together for an Information Session, and then for lunch.  Aside from the lunch, all of the Visit Day activities can be done on any day we offer an Information Session, but it works really well when everything comes together in a tidy package.  We’ll offer one more Visit Day this fall, on November 16.

On a related note, today is Day 6 of the interview program, and just about everything has been going well.  A few dropped connections during Skype interviews, but nothing that upset the interviewer or applicant too much.  At the risk of repeating myself, if you’re interested in having an interview as part of your application process, I encourage you to sign up as soon as possible.  (Remember that Fletcher interviews take place before your chosen application deadline.)  There is plenty of availability now, but the schedule will fill in soon and it may be hard to score an appointment on the day/time you want.  And consider a Friday visit!  For reasons unknown, our Fridays are filling in very slowly.  Fewer classes are offered on Friday than on other days of the week, but the classes that are offered are among the most popular at Fletcher, and you’re welcome to attend one.

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Today we’re hosting the first of the fall’s Visit Days.  Prospective students will start arriving at about noon, and we’ll all have lunch together.  Then we’ll move on to an Information Session, and a student panel.  The first of the visitors have already arrived for morning interviews, and others are checking in at the office just to be sure they’re in the right place.

Visit Days are energizing for the staff, and useful for applicants.  Not only does the schedule allow a convenient way to stuff a lot of activities in a short period of time, but it’s always helpful for applicants to hear what others are thinking.  (The person obsessing over the personal statement will benefit from the questions asked by the person obsessing over the résumé, and vice versa.)  It’s helpful for the blog, too!  If I hear any good questions that I hadn’t already planned to answer, I’ll make note and cover them in the coming days.

If you aren’t joining us today but the Visit Day concept is appealing, consider joining us on November 17 for a general Visit Day, or on October 20 (PhD applicants) or October 27 (MIB applicants).

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While Fletcher offers admissions Information Sessions every week, we occasionally add in a little extra programming.  This year, we’ll welcome applicants to all programs for a General Visit Day on Monday, October 6 and Monday, November 17.  On these days, in addition to a one-hour info session, we’ll arrange a student panel and a lunch.  You can also schedule yourself for an interview.

For MIB applicants, we’ll offer a special MIB Visit Day on Monday, October 27.  The Information Session will be focused on the MIB program, and you’ll have extra opportunities to interact with current MIB students.  Once you sign up to attend the MIB Visit Day, we’ll contact you to arrange an interview.

Same for the PhD applicants’ Visit Day on Monday, October 20 — a focused Information Session and extra opportunities to meet current PhD students.  Once you indicate that you’d like to schedule an evaluative interview, we’ll contact you with an appointment time.

Regardless of the program you’re interested in, you’re always welcome to visit!  But we also encourage you to take advantage of these extra activities, designed to help you prepare for your application to Fletcher.

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To meet the particular interests of applicants to the MIB and PhD programs, we offer several “Visit Days” for prospective students.  How is a Visit Day different from any other day when an Information Session is offered?  Not so terribly different, but the Information Sessions will focus on the relevant program.  We’ll also offer additional interviews, and there is always the opportunity to attend classes.  So if you’re thinking of applying to the PhD program, consider a visit on Tuesday, October 9 or Monday, November 5.  The MIB Visit Days will be:  October 1; October 22; November 26; and December 3 — all Mondays.  Hope to see you here!

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