An unusual Thanksgiving

In this era of all days being the same, Thanksgiving has snuck up on me this year. In a normal fall full of Admissions travel, I know Thanksgiving is just about here when I start feeling like I can’t stand the thought of dealing with another airport, at which point we promptly head to the airport to visit my wife’s family for the holiday. Things are different this year, a sentiment from which I’ve gotten a lot of mileage lately.

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Fletcher takes over the cannon

Even while conducting the fall 2020 semester remotely, Fletcher makes itself felt on the Tufts campus. It was such a delight to get the recent update that the Tufts cannon has been Fletcherized. The cannon functions as a low-tech message board of sorts for the entire Tufts community, and is repurposed so frequently that it has been covered in an actual ton of paint in the fairly recent past.

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A roundup of some timely Fletcher research

As the world enters month 5 of constant crisis mode, one reassuring bright spot on our end has been witnessing the nimbleness of Fletcher’s scholarly community in analyzing various facets of the pandemic. While it’s admittedly something of a cold comfort, it’s hard not to notice how an interdisciplinary international affairs faculty and research community is ideally positioned to respond to one of the most truly global emergencies of our lifetimes.

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