Program Spotlight: GMAP

Readers, I’ll be the first to admit that this blog tends to have something of a bias toward Fletcher’s residential degree programs. There are so many points for consideration and preparation for those studying in-person in Medford that the focus here is overwhelmingly on that experience. Today I’ll try to remedy that somewhat by turning our attention to Fletcher’s longest-standing low-residency degree program, the Global Master of Arts (GMAP). It’s the perfect time to do so, as GMAP is still accepting applications for its August start date.

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Fletcher Virtual Tour: The Reboot

Today I offer up a blog version of the classic “clip show” TV episode. It’s true that in highlighting the Fletcher Virtual Tour series from last year I am unabashedly recycling old content. But if we’re being honest with ourselves we can admit that clip shows of our favorite TV series were always secretly kind of fun. Heck, ESPN Classic is an entire network dedicated to the re-airing of old content! So I therefore absolve myself of any guilt for digging into the archives.

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