d. Inserting Text

If you wish to add descriptive text to the map that is not part of a node or link, VUE’s Text Tool is available for use. Text that is inserted using the Text Tool can be formatted as an ordered or unordered list.

Method 1: Toolbar

  1. On the toolbar, click the Text Tool. The cursor takes the shape of an I-beam.
  2. Click where you want the text to appear. A text placeholder appears.
  3. Type.

Double-clicking existing text puts you into editing mode to make text edits. Ordered or unordered lists as well as alignment can be adjusted by using the Formatting Palette tools.

Method 2: Shortcut

You can also add text by:

  • Right-clicking the map and selecting Add Text
  • Pressing Ctrl-T (Cmd-T on the Mac).
Note: Text created with the Text tool as an independent object can be dragged into a node. Text created using the Text tool have more formatting options than the “Node labels.”