d. Editing Slides

Adding a node to a pathway produces a slide thumbnail where node content can be arranged for presentation purposes. The node’s images and text can be resized and positioned on the slide without impacting the underlying map. Authors may also edit the slide view directly on the map by zooming in to the slide thumbnail and selecting the editing tools.

VUE slides may need to be organized or adjusted.

To access and work with the slide content:

  1. On the map, double-click the slide thumbnail or click the slide thumbnail and then on the Pathways Window toolbar, click the Edit Tool. The slide opens in full-screen mode.
  2. Click the object, such as text or graphic, to be adjusted.
  3. Use the Formatting Palette (Windows > Formatting Palette) to make adjustments or double-click slide text to make text changes.

To return to the map:

  • Either double-click the slide again, or on the toolbar click the Return to Map button, or press Enter (Return on the Mac).
Tips:Use the Text Tool to add additional text to the slide. Text added in this manner will not appear on the node.Use the Zoom Tool to zoom in or out on the slide while you edit.Use the ‘Alt’ key to maintain the aspect ratio when dragging an image to resize it on a slide.