e. Editing the Master Slide

The master slide holds the formatting directions for all of the slides in a map. Slide components such as Header information, slide text, and links can be adjusted once, so that all existing and future slides on a map will display accordingly.

To edit the master slide:

  1. From the menu bar, select Pathways > Edit Master Slide or right-click (Ctrl-click on the Mac) any slide thumbnail and select Edit Master Slide. The master slide opens.
  2. Click the slide component to be edited, such as Slide Text noted in the graphic above. Blue outlining surrounds the text placeholder.
  3. Use the Formatting Palette (Windows > Formatting Palette) to make adjustments.
  4. If you wish to add additional text to the slide master, click the Text Tool to add additional text to the slide. Again, text added in this manner will not appear on any nodes.

To close the slide master:

  • Double-click the slide, or on the toolbar click the Return to Map button, or press Enter. The slide master closes and the changes are applied.