11 Preferences

The VUE preferences contain options for map display and windows.

To access these preferences:

  • On the menu bar, select Edit > Preferences (VUE > Preferences on the Mac). The VUE Preferences window opens.

To modify preferences:

Map DisplayShow Icons: Provides the option to turn icons on and off in the nodes on the map.Image Quality: Helps VUE manage memory in displaying higher  or lower quality images.
Click BehaviorResource Launching: By default, you may launch resources on nodes with a double-click. If you prefer single-clicking to launch a resource, check the single-click Resource Launching option.Node Creation: When the Node Tool is engaged, this option allows the user to create a new node with one click of the mouse. This option is not enabled by default.
PresentationSlide/Node View: Offers the option of displaying a slide for the active pathway instead of a node. The default behavior, after turning off slide thumbnails in presentation mode with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+T, of clicking the node in map view is that it zooms in on the node.Hover Zoom: When rolling over a node or an embedded node, auto-zoom causes it to zoom in. Auto zoom is not enabled by default.Notes: VUE automatically copies or transfers any node notes to the slide notes when the node is added to a pathway.
MetadataMetadata Schema: By default, VUE uses the Dublin Core metadata schema for use with “Keywords” and “Search” tools. You may add VRA schema as well, or remove them both.
WindowsEnhanced filechooser (Windows platform only): By default, VUE allows you to toggle between the native windows file chooser and a simple file chooser. You may disable this functionality.Save Window States: By default, VUE remembers the size and position of your open windows, such as the Resources or Pathways window. If you do not want these windows to reappear as they were when you closed VUE, uncheck this option.
LanguageLanguage: Provides the option to over-ride the language chosen as the system preference. For example, you may select French over English.

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