b. Search

The Search tool allows users to filter and query objects in large maps. Map data can be manipulated and viewed based on criteria of your choosing.

To search:

  1. From the menu bar, select Windows > Search. The Search window opens.
    The “Search everything” option searches all map content such as node labels, keywords, and resource metadata.
  2. Type the search term.
  3. Click Search. Objects with matching search criteria are outlined.
    To reset the map:
  4. Click Reset Map. The outlining in removed.

To search with multiple criteria:

  1. In the Search window, click the Add Search Field tool. A second text field opens.
  2. Type the additional search term.
  3. Click Search. Objects that contain both search criteria are outlined.

By default any search is an “or” search. The “and” search can be enabled via the Search everything down-arrow.

Additional search parameters are available such as:

  • Search Type: limit the search (i.e. search for just Keywords)
    When selected, the Categories + Keywords option allows searching by both category and keywords.
  • Maps: search the current map or all open maps
    When using All Open Maps, the only option is for search results to open in a new map. There is also an icon to show which maps the search results came from.
  • Results: instead of selecting matching objects, which is the default behavior, other results can be obtained

When searching for keywords on slides and images on slides (search everything), the slide thumbnail and the associated node will be selected.

The built-in Search feature in the upper right corner of the VUE window provides handy “Search Everywhere” functionality without having to access the Search window.