iv. Placing Multiple Items Within Nodes

A node is capable of holding more than one type of content. For example, a node could hold two web links and a Word document, making it a container node. Nodes can also hold other nodes.

To add multiple types of content to a node:

  1. Drag the content to the node. The node is highlighted and a file resource icon appears indicating that content is attached to the node.
  2. Drag a second resource to the node. The resource is added.
    Make sure that the node, not the first resource, is highlighted as you complete the drag.

To add a node to a node:

  • Drag the node to the node. The node is highlighted and the second node appears inside.

To remove a node from a node:

  • Drag the node back out.

To remove a resource from a node

  • Right-click and select Remove Resource. The resource is removed.

To replace an existing resource in a node with another resource, either:

  • On the VUE menu bar, select Content and either Replace Image/File or Edit URL.
  • Right-click the node to access the same options.
  • Drag a new resource onto the node with the existing content by holding down Ctrl-Shift (Windows) or command-option (Mac). The resource is replaced, but the label remains unchanged.