ii. Linking to Files on Your Computer

As Web content can be added to nodes, so may files on your computer. Double-clicking the document resource icon in the node will open the content files.

Keep in mind that if you decide to share your map with others that contains content located on your computer, you will need to “package” your map and the files. Packaging VUE files is covered in the Saving, Publishing, and Sharing VUE files topic.

  1. Select Windows > Resources. The Content window opens to the Resources tab.
  2. Click My Computer. Files on local and network drives display in the Browse: My Computer pane.
  3. Browse to the file to be attached.

If you don’t see the local file that you are looking for, try clicking the refresh button (chasing arrows).

  1. Drag the file from the Browse: My Computer panel to the node or map. A file label appears to indicate that a resource is attached.

The resource icon looks and acts just like the web resource icon. Renaming the text on the node does not change the content attached to the node. Clicking the resource icon opens the file.

Right-clicking the node and selecting Node Info brings up the Info window where adjustments can be made to the node label, notes can be appended, and keywords can be added. Keywords is covered in the Keywords and Search topic.

Any time that you want to publish a VUE map that contains local files, use the File > Save As VPK (VUE Package) choice.