ii. Searching Resources

You may perform a keyword search of a resource or resources such as the Tufts Digital Library and then add a resource such as a file or graphic to the map. Note that My Computer, RSS feeds and My Saved Content are not searchable.

To search a single resource:

  1. In the Content window, check the resource.
  2. At the base of the window, in the Keywords field, type the keyword(s) for searching.
  3. Click Search. The top 4 results display.

Clicking the number at the base of the window representing the rest of the search results displays the rest of the content keyword matches.

To search multiple resources:

  1. On the Content panel, check the resources.
  2. In the Keywords field, type the keyword(s).
  3. Click Search. The top 4 results for each resource display.

The 100 original results are returned, along with an additional 100 results.

More Search Options

To refine a search, the More options tool provides additional fields to search by.

  1. Click the More options tool. Additional search fields display.
    Based on the resources selected, only the common fields among the resources are selected (not all resources have additional fields, so the More Options tool may be grayed out).
  2. Add search criteria.
  3. Click Search. Results are displayed.