g. Playback

Once slides are edited and arranged, VUE can playback the slides in full-screen presentation mode by using the Playback tool on VUE’s Pathways panel. Presenters can use the mouse, arrow keys or space bar to move through a presentation. Images can be zoomed in via a single click without exiting the presentation, and a map overlay may be displayed by pressing the “M” key. Presenters can also zoom out to the map and select any node as the focus. By moving the cursor to the far right of the screen during a presentation, presenters can show any content linked to a node on the presentation pathway.

Presentations can be played back in a classic slide-by-slide linear fashion, or in a non-linear manner.

If the slide thumbnails are not visible on the map, check to see that the Show slide thumbnails on the map tool is engaged on the Pathways Window toolbar.

This also affects how the map will display when in presentation mode in that if “Zoom out to map” is enabled, with the thumbnails turned off, they will not display.

To playback a presentation:

  1. In the Pathways Window, click to select the pathway to be played back.
  2. On the Pathways Window toolbar, click the Playback tool. VUE launches into full-screen view.

Alternately, from the VUE menu bar you may select Pathways > Launch Presentation > Your Pathway to launch the presentation.

To navigate the presentation:

Mouse click, right arrow key, or space bar: Step forward in presentation/pathway</p> <p>Left arrow key: Step backward in presentation/pathway</p> <p>Esc key: Exit presentation mode


Lower left corner: Exit presentation</p> <p>Lower right corner: Toggle between map views

Other useful presentation keys:

M key: Displays map overlay</p> <p>Press M key again: Removes map overlay</p> <p>Mouse click: Zoom in on image</p> <p>Mouse click again: Zoom back out</p> <p>Enter (Return on Mac): Zooms out to display pathway in relation to map</p> <p>Press Enter again: Zooms back in to presentation

Clicking the Playback Slides button on the VUE toolbar when no pathways exist will launch the full map into presentation mode.

Non-linear Presentation Navigation

Presenters have another option available while in VUE’s full-screen presentation mode. By moving the cursor to the far right of the screen during a presentation, presenters can show any content linked to a node on the presentation pathway. You can also branch off to linked nodes or cross over to another pathway and then easily resume the current presentation. In the graphic below, the Creativity slide is displayed, with other slides on the pathway also represented by gray tabs. The Creativity node is on two different pathways, represented by the purple and green squares. Clicking the far right gray square zooms in on the node view.

To access and use the non-linear presentation options during playback:

  • Move the cursor to the far right of the screen. The gray slide tabs display.
To move to another slide: Click the corresponding gray tab</p> <p>To jump to another pathway: Click the colored square representing the other pathway</p> <p>To zoom in on a node: Click the far right gray square </p> <p>When zoomed in, a second italicized tab appears.</p> <p>To zoom back out: Click the colored square representing the pathway</p> <p>The top tab will always reflect the prior node visited, so it acts like a Back button on a browser. The top tab also functions like a Resume Presentation button, so that if one strays off the initial pathway, it shows the last node visited on the current pathway.

To change the pathway color indicator that defines the dotted pathway color:

  1. In the Pathways window, click the Color Selection tool. The Pathways Color Selection window opens.
  2. Click the color of your choice.
  3. Click OK. The pathway color indicator is adjusted and the dotted pathway color adjusts accordingly.

When presenting, keep screen resolution to a max of 1024 x 768, otherwise the map will crop.