a. Creating a New Map

Default New Map:

When launching VUE, an empty VUE map is automatically created. A VUE map is a blank canvas onto which one can draw nodes and link them together, much like a traditional mind map or concept map. This section of the User Guide helps you get started.

Creating Additional Maps:

You may have multiple VUE maps open at once. To create additional maps:

  1. On the menu bar, select File > New. A new VUE map is opened on its own tab.
    When you save the VUE map, the tab will be renamed.

Additional information

The VUE toolbar, map canvas, and floating Formatting Palette are visible.

The Formatting Palette allows you to change the style and formatting properties of objects on the map canvas. The Formatting Palette is not docked by default as it may be dragged or placed wherever is convenient, either inside or outside the map canvas. Based on your screen size, you can leave it open or close it after use.