d. Pruning

Pruning is the act of hiding nodes or a series of linked nodes by “switching off” connections on the links. After enabling Pruning, selecting a link on the map reveals the controls to collapse and expand branches of nodes. Pruning can benefit print output in that VUE will scale the map nodes that remain.

To enable pruning:

  1. From the menu bar, select View > Pruning. Pruning is enabled.

To prune:

  1. Click a link. Two diamond shapes, select link indicators, display on the link.
  2. Click the select link object (the diamond shapes at the ends of links). It displays red and the connecting node/nodes are temporarily pruned.

To remove a prune:

  1. Click the select link object. It displays light blue again and the connecting node/nodes are now visible.

To turn off pruning:

  1. From the menu bar, select View > Pruning. The checkmark is removed and pruning is disabled.


  • When pruning is turned off via “Pruning” on the View menu, the pruning information is preserved in the map (as well as persisted with saves), and can be brought back by selecting “Pruning” on the View menu again. 
  • Clear Pruning permanently clears all pruning from the current map. This is not an undoable action.