b. Creating Links

Once nodes have been created, the next step will be to create relationships between the nodes by linking them. Where nodes represent concepts or ideas, links represent relationships between the concepts. The process of linking the nodes adds organization to the map.

  1. From the toolbar, click the Link Tool. The cursor takes the crosshair shape.
  2. Click a node and drag the cursor to another node. A link is created between the two nodes.

At this point, the link is in editing mode. Descriptive, identifying text can be added to the link.

  1. Type a label for the link.
  2. Click outside the link. The link is labeled.

While the Link Tool is selected, you may continue to create link after link.

Refer to the Creating Nodes page for information on the Rapid Prototyping Tool.

Here is a keyboard shortcut to create a link:

  1. Click the Selection tool. The cursor changes to a white arrow.
  2. Click on one node and hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac) and drag from one node to another. The link is created.

The same shortcut will create a new link and node if the mouse is released on blank canvas.