a. Layers

A map has the ability to be manipulated and viewed as a set of stacked “layers.” Use layers to separate different elements of a map. Individual layers can be locked or hidden, and the stack of layers itself can be re-ordered. Layers can also be duplicated, deleted, or renamed.

To create a layer:

  1. On the menu bar, select Windows > Layers. The Layers window opens.
    Layer 1 is the existing map content.
  2. Click New Layer. A new layer is created.

Layer Tools:

New Layer tool creates a new layer.

Duplicate Layer tool creates a copy of the selected layer.

To rename a layer, double-click the layer name and edit.

Merge into layer below tool merges the objects in the selected layer into the layer below.

To move a layer up or down in the Layers window, drag it.

Filter Hide unselected layers acts a filter to turn off visibility of unselected layers.

Remove a layer and all of its contents removes the layer.

Show/Hide layer tool. Clicking the eye toggles the layer between visible and invisible.

Move selection to this layer tool moves a selected object to that layer.

Layer Lock. When locked, layers cannot be edited.