i. Linking to Web Content

To add web content to a node:

  1. Make sure both VUE and a Web browser is open.
  2. Navigate to the web page to be attached to the node.
  3. Position the browser so that you can see both the address bar of the browser and the map or node that the resource will be attached to in VUE.
  4. Drag the address icon from the Web browser to the node or map.
  5. Drop the icon onto the node or map. A web resource icon appears to indicate that a resource is attached.

Note that when linking to a resource retrieved from a password protected website or repository, users will need to login before accessing the linked resource.

  • Hovering over the web resource icon displays the address of the resource.
  • Double-clicking the web resource icon will open a new browser window with that address.
  • Renaming the text on the node does not change the content attached to the node.
  • Right-clicking (ctrl-click on the Mac) the web resource and selecting Edit URL… allows you to edit the URL.

Alternately, you can right-click a node and select Add URL…to add a URL directly into the node.

Note: Using this method for linking to web content will not reveal significant metadata. To learn more on how to bring into VUE an object’s metadata, see “Working with Remote Resources“.