Fletcher gets a digital facelift

If you’re a regular visitor to our website, you’ll notice something different today, namely EVERYTHING. We’re live with our new site! My guess is that many readers have some experience with large-scale web migrations, and so appreciate the immensity of this type of project. I knew in the abstract that a full site rebuild was a big undertaking, but even in my tangentially-involved capacity I’ve been regularly awed at the scope of this effort. It’s a process that’s covered nearly two years from the earliest planning stages, and we’re grateful for the tireless efforts of many of our Fletcher and Tufts colleagues, particularly our friends at Fletcher’s Communications, Public Relations, and Marketing office who have managed every step of the migration (and politely listened to endless “suggestions” from our team).

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Decolonizing International Relations

It’s been a busy week at Fletcher, which means a busy week for this blog, as well. There are so many events that take place throughout the year here that it’s impossible to highlight them all on this platform, but one happening today particularly caught my attention. The inaugural “Decolonizing International Relations” conference is currently in progress, and it’s an impressive event. Organized by the student-run Fletcher Students of Color and Allies (FSCA), the conference will apply critical theory to a variety of subject areas, highlight non-Western contributions and perspectives in academia and the field, and explore the role of power and access in the study and practice of international relations.

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