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Fletcher in the summer is an entirely different workplace from Fletcher in the academic year.  A few students (graduated or continuing) can still be found, but sightings are rare and our work goes on largely uninterrupted.  Time to turn to the projects that are best tackled when fewer to-do-list items fight for our attention.

At yesterday’s retreat, we focused primarily on topics that won’t have an obvious effect on 2017 applicants, but there are a couple of points worth noting.  First is that we’ll probably keep our essay questions as they are.  Second is that we will now ask applicants to select no more than ten trips to include in the travel/study abroad/international living section of the application.  Requiring (or even inviting) everyone to list every trip meant a lot of questions about how to deal with multiple-country trips or multiple trips to a single country.  And it also meant that half of the online reader view of the application might be occupied by lists of trips.  (Of course, information about multiple international living experiences will still be of interest to us.)

We also talked about tweaks to the interview schedule, now that we have a year of experience with Skype interviews behind us.  The biggest challenge is helping applicants to understand that they need to arrange their interview appointments early.  By the time December rolls around, there are no appointments to be had.  That’s an ongoing challenge for us!

Over the summer, I might write less than usual, but I’ll be thinking about new 2016-2017 blog offerings.  I welcome your suggestions!  Share them in the comments section below or, if you prefer, send us a note.  I love reading your good ideas!

Meanwhile, today’s post is number 1500 for the Admissions Blog!  Sure, many of those 1500 were reminders of deadlines, restatements of application procedures, or other short updates.  But as I said for number 1000 and after number 500, we in the Admissions Office appreciate the opportunity that keeping a blog has offered us to connect with and offer substantive information to our applicants and incoming students.  As we motor on toward the 2000th post, thank you for reading!


With Commencement behind us, the Admissions Office is already looking ahead to the 2016-2017 application cycle.  To start us off, we’ll be meeting for the whole day today with a full retreat agenda.  We’ll talk through summer projects, plan travel, discuss potential changes to the Slate application, and just generally shift our thinking forward to what’s ahead of us.

Meanwhile, with nearly all students on their way to see family or start internships or freshly graduated and off to new things, Fletcher is a quiet place.  We’ll enjoy the quiet for a while, until we start wishing the students would come back to keep us company.  But first, a day away to figure out our next steps.  The office will be closed today.  We’ll be back tomorrow (Wednesday).



On an only barely related note, have I mentioned that my daughter, Kayla, was one of the many Tufts students to complete the undergraduate program with Commencement on Sunday?  No, I believe I haven’t.  Kayla has been an occasional character in the blog, when I felt that her application process related in some way to the Fletcher process, when she did something that might interest Fletcher-ish folks, or simply when she accompanied me for a donut around town.  She has earned her shout-out moment!  Congratulations to Kayla, and to all your fellow Jumbos!


This is the last full week of classes for the spring semester, the 2015-16 academic year, and the Fletcher in-class experience of those who are graduating.  And I know what it means for those of us on the staff.  There will still be a full house for the last day of classes on Monday, but the student population will drop off remarkably quickly after that.  Following two study days, first-year MALD and MIB students will take their exams and then start to disappear — most of them heading off to their internships.  Graduating students usually stay around to relax and participate in “Dis-Orientation” week before Commencement weekend, but they tend not to hang out in the building.  After Commencement, it will be very very quiet around here.

This week's calendarMy informal and unscientific poll of students indicates that their current stress level varies greatly.  Whereas one student had the semester’s toughest week last week, another is looking ahead to a miserable finals week, and still another is suffering now.  They’re a remarkably durable bunch, though, and I know they’ll get through it.  Oh, and while they’re sweating over exams, papers, presentations, and capstones, there’s still a full agenda of out-of-class activities.

The Admissions Staff is just coming out of an especially busy month of meeting admitted applicants, answering questions, and otherwise doing what we needed to do to help students decide whether to enroll at Fletcher.  A little quiet seems like a good thing right now.  It will be less welcome by week six of the summer break, when we’ll very much wish for a student to pop in and interrupt our work.


April 20.  The day when admitted students need to tell us their enrollment plans.  Quite a lot of people have submitted decisions already, but an unsurprisingly large number have not.  That’s fine.  Take your time.  You have until 11:59 p.m. EDT (UTC -4) tonight.

If you need one last piece of information on “Why Fletcher?”, perhaps these videos would be helpful for you.  Note that there are additional videos hiding behind the degree program tabs about halfway down the page.

Thursday starts a new chapter for the Admissions Office — one that includes only enrolling students and that is marked by less overstuffed inboxes.  It’s nice when those people who were once only applications to us become real future students!

As ever, please contact us with your last-minute questions!


With the Open House for admitted students now in our rear-view mirror, we’re looking ahead to April 20, the date when admitted students need to have decided whether to enroll.  This week and next, we’ll continue to take questions by email and phone, and to spend time with prospective students who visit campus.  It’s busy, but the real work is being done by the admitted students who are deciding what they want their graduate school experience to look like.  In only nine days, we’ll find out which students want their experience to look like Fletcher!

Along the way, we’ve offered several online chats.  In addition to providing an opportunity for admitted students to ask their questions, it’s a chance for the staff to sit together and chat while typing.  Students have joined us for each of the chats, and we enjoy hearing about Fletcher from their perspective.  At one chat, we talked around the table about apartment hunting and cricket playing.  A member of the Career Services staff has also joined each of the chats, and it helps us to know how they answer some of the questions that go their way.

For blog readers who have accepted a place on the waitlist, I’ll mention that there won’t be any action for a while still.  If you have questions, or if you would like to send us an update, now would be a good time to contact us.  In fact, I have two emails in my inbox right now from applicants on the waitlist.  (Answering them is my next task.)

I hope it’s helpful to learn what’s going on behind the scenes.  If you have questions you’d like me to answer, you can email me, or add your question in the comment section below.

OH reception

The Hall of Flags scene for Sunday’s Open House reception.

So today we’re hosting about 130 newly admitted students for our Open House and everything is going swimmingly.  We started with a reception and alumni panel yesterday evening, with many current and new students heading off to a pub after the official event concluded.  Many of the visitors are being hosted by current students — they may have met-up yesterday afternoon or they found each other during the reception.

Then, this morning, we all reconvened.  So far, I (along with Kristen) have completed my favorite job of registering the visitors — keeps me busy, allows me to meet everyone — and I also met with our visiting mid-career MA students.  Now I have five minutes between chats during Admissions Office walk-in office hours.

Because nothing is ever as much fun if it goes predictably, Nature has given us something to talk about.  Following a very warm week last week, we’ve had snow yesterday and today.  April snow is a rare event, but not unheard of.  We might wish that it didn’t fall during the Open House, but the scenes outside each window are lovely.

Back to the office hour queue.  This will be a busy day for all of us!


During the students’ break last week, we were lucky that we had some help from the student staffers who weren’t traveling.  Several times during the week, Dristy popped in to ask a question that had arrived via phone or email from a prospective applicant to the PhD program.  With most of our brain cells pointed toward the needs of newly admitted students or those who have decided to accept a place on the waitlist, it’s easy to forget that a new admissions cycle is already beginning, even as the previous one is still wrapping up.

The fact is that, while our work is entirely cyclical, there’s more than one cycle running at any time.  In January, for example, we’re both welcoming students who start that month, while also accepting applications for September.  Right now, we’re primarily working with the incoming class, but we’ve already started compiling lists of projects for the summer that will (we hope) make the next cycle run more smoothly.

All of this is to say that, if you’re starting your graduate school research this spring, you should feel free to contact us at any time.  We’re happy to help you lay the groundwork for an application in the fall.


This year it took precisely one day before I fell behind in my email after we released decisions.  I tried to keep up over the weekend, but yesterday the messages came in so quickly that the best I can say is I answered a few and the rest are tucked away safely in a corner of my inbox where they won’t be lost.  I will respond as soon as I can, increasingly with the sad starter, “I’m sorry for my delay in responding.”

And I am sorry, because I know that everyone who writes to us is doing the work of learning about the program before making the important decision on where to attend graduate school.  I know I speak for my Admissions pals when I say that we will respond as quickly as we can, and also as thoroughly as we can.  Fortunately, we have our crack team of Graduate Assistants working this week before their own spring break, and they can help with questions about Fletcher student life.

Time to attack my inbox.  If I’m lucky, I’ll answer most of the backlogged messages before too many new ones come in.  It’s my objective to avoid the Lucy/chocolate factory scenario.  Wish me luck!



Following Friday’s release of decisions and a relaxing weekend, Admissions staff members returned to a new phase of the admissions process:  working with (and congratulating!) the new community of admitted students.

Let me also pause to say to those who did not receive good news on Friday: please stay in contact with us.  And thank you to everyone for your interest throughout the year.

Starting today, we’re primed to reach out to admitted students and receive their requests for more information.  We’ve scheduled online chats, information sessions, and an open house.  Those who can’t participate in an organized activity can visit at their convenience.  And, of course, there will be emails.  Many emails.

Though the weeks from January to March are busy for us, somehow the March/April period is even more hectic.  And the next five weeks should be busy for admitted students, too.  Doing the research that results in selecting the right graduate school takes time.  You did your preliminary scouting before applying, of course, but now is when you make doubly sure that the program in which you will enroll best matches your academic and career objectives.  Gather all the detail you need about Fletcher and your other graduate programs and then make a well-considered decision.  Explore the course offerings in detail.  Learn about the student community.  We’ll do our part via multiple media to provide you with information to help in your decision making.  And the Admissions Blog will continue to supply stories about our wonderful community and rich intellectual environment.

Speaking for everyone on the Admissions Staff, we encourage you to learn as much as you can before making a final decision.  Of course, we hope you will choose Fletcher, but it’s even more important that September finds you in classes that move you toward your academic and career goals.  We welcome your questions!  And, congratulations, once again, on your admission!


An intense two weeks have led to today.  We’ve had a rescheduled-to-evening final MA/MALD Admissions Committee meeting, scrambling LLM and MIB Committees reviewing March 1 applications, hours reviewing scholarship applications, additional hours checking our system to be sure everything is set up correctly, and even more hours (and people) ensuring every letter is right and then stuffing envelopes.

While we apply the final finishing touches, let me run through what you can expect to learn tonight when we release decisions.  (All decisions, by which we mean decisions for all degree programs on every complete application that was submitted by the final March 1 deadline.  No trickling of decisions for us.  No releasing of decisions by telephone or email either, so please be patient until 5:00 p.m. U.S. EST (GMT-5).)

First, when your decision is ready, you’ll receive an email to check your Application Status Page.  (Reminder for those who haven’t bookmarked the page:  To access your Application Status Page you can either click the “Start an Application” link on the Admissions website or the application link.  You’ll log in with the email and password you used when you created your application.)

I’ve already described the different decision options on Tuesday and Wednesday.  In addition to learning the admission decision, when admitted applicants log in, they will be able to find their scholarship award.  If you’re in a two-year program, you’ll learn your two-year award so that you can plan ahead.  We make scholarship decisions based on a combination of merit and need.  That is, for any level of merit — as determined through the application review process — the larger awards go to those with greater need.  We hope that all applicants will be happy with their awards, though we know that only Admissions Committee members have the full picture of the breadth of need (and merit, for that matter) among the admitted applicants.  Fletcher’s applicant pool is diverse in every possible way.

Beyond all that, let me just say that it is truly a pleasure to work with our applicants.  On the road, here at Fletcher, and through correspondence, Admissions staff members connect with hundreds of people who submit applications each year.  Our connection with some applicants goes back many years.  At the same time as the Admissions Committee’s mandate is to put together a class that will succeed at, contribute to, and benefit from Fletcher, there are many people who may not be admitted at this time but who we know will ultimately be great students.  We hope to see you again.  Meanwhile, I want to thank all of you for your interest in Fletcher and for reading the Admissions Blog throughout the year.

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