Fletcher Virtual Tour: The Reboot

Today I offer up a blog version of the classic “clip show” TV episode. It’s true that in highlighting the Fletcher Virtual Tour series from last year I am unabashedly recycling old content. But if we’re being honest with ourselves we can admit that clip shows of our favorite TV series were always secretly kind of fun. Heck, ESPN Classic and Nick At Nite are entire networks dedicated to the re-airing of old content! So I therefore absolve myself of any guilt for digging into the archives.

More important than soothing my own neuroses, though, is the fact that we have a whole class of incoming students who mostly have never been to Fletcher. In fact, we have many returning second-year students who have yet to set foot on campus. And, while we’re looking forward to be able to welcome visitors back to campus in some form before long, it’s reasonable to expect that many prospective students interested in having a firsthand look around Fletcher may still not be able to make it happen by this fall. My hope is that the virtual tour series will provide at least something of an introduction to our building for the uninitiated, whether you’re a new, current, or prospective student. The easiest way to browse is likely via the tagged thread, but you can also jump to individual posts below, the way you might choose your favorite ecosystem while watching Planet Earth:

The Hall of Flags
The Big Classrooms
ASEAN Auditorium
Ginn Library
The Murrow Memorial Room
The 7th Floor
The Cabot Basement
Outside the Building
“The Weird Stuff”

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